Multiple Wind Turbines in the Ocean
Modal Analysis on a car door at Jaguar's test facility
Boeing 737 Rollfeld on runway
Modal testing at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre on the Orion Ground Test Vehicle

Technical Resources

This technical resources page is dedicated to bringing you downloads and links to technical papers, technical notes and training content. In fact anything that helps engineers to improve and understand their work.

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Calculating Accelerated Vibration Test Profiles - Vibration Research Corp

An excellent review of two methods of evaluating accelerated vibration test profiles, FDS (Fatigue Damage Spectrum) or STAG (Sine Tracking, Analysis and Generation)

Total Harmonic Distortion - Crystal Instruments

A really useful explanation of Total Harmonic Distortion from Crystal Instruments, well worth a read

Piezoelectric Accelerometers - Principle of operation

A basic introductory guide to the fundamental principles of how all piezoelectric based accelerometers work, an important lesson for all vibration test engineers. Introduced by the team at

FREE Online Vibration Courses

A library of free online vibration courses from Vibration Research,  USA, innovators in vibration control since 1995.

Dewesoft Online PRO training

PRO training is Dewesoft’s learning platform, created for all measurement professionals and those who would like to become one. Learn how to use DEWESoft, measure signals, process and analyze data in a single place. This is a remarkable resource from Dewesoft and well worth a visit

Vibration Test - Basics

Review the basic system requirements for vibration testing, presented by TIRA GmbH

Relationship between Acceleration, Displacement and Frequency - How does this affect accelerometer mounting

A useful guide to understand why accelerometer mounting is so critical to high quality vibration measurements. Supplied by Kemo Ltd – The Low Noise Experts.

Vibration Analysis - Basics

Overview of vibration analysis hosted on Reliableplant

Glossary of Filter and Signal Conditioning Terms

Very useful glossary of terms linked to signal conditioning and filtering, provided by Kemo Ltd.  Experts in quality analogue filters and signal conditioning products


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