Multiple Wind Turbines in the Ocean
Modal Analysis on a car door at Jaguar's test facility
Boeing 737 Rollfeld on runway
Modal testing at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre on the Orion Ground Test Vehicle


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Multi Axis Vibration

Multi axis vibration testing capabilities have improved considerably over the last 15 years. Much of this is due to the increase in computing power which has provided the facility for ever more complex control algorithms to be used. Controlling increasing numbers of exciters in a live closed loop mode. Whilst open loop testing has been available for many years, this doesn’t provide the live feedback if the system dynamics change significantly. Whatever your reason for multi axis testing, a long test item that is too large for one shaker that needs two shakers running together or a complex structure that requires 8 or even 16 inputs all controlled in a matrix style algorithm, today’s multi axis systems offer a solution.


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