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Product News & Press Releases

Kemo India & RULA Technologies Announce India Agreement

Kemo Instruments Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India and RULA Technologies SIA, Riga, Latvia are pleased to announce an agreement for Kemo to represent RULA in the India region for all sales and support activities for RULA’s range of vibration control and data acquisition solutions.

Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, at the heart of India’s high technology industry, Kemo Instruments Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Kemo Limited a British manufacturer of low noise electronic filters and signal conditioning products, in addition to accelerometers, cables and accessories.

Read full release HERE

Transportation Vibration Case Study from RULA Technologies -

Prevention of Shipment Damage – How to deliver the products safely in any place in the world? The Asian Branch of RULA supplied the RL-C21 controller to Haier Group Corporation for simulating low-frequency vibration during delivery and ensuring the safety of the goods – VISIT FOR DETAILS

News from RULA Technologies -

RULA Technologies has launched the vibration test control system RL-C21M. It can run both vibration and climatic tests, allows you to measure the amplitude and frequency of AC voltage and chargee – VISIT FOR DETAILS

A Youtube review can also be seen – YOUTUBE

News from Kemo Ltd -

Kemo Limited is pleased to annouce it has been acquired by the Engineering Scientific Instrumentation Group, read the full release – DOWNLOAD

News from Kemo Ltd -

COLOURS Make it easy !!

Kemo’s unique colour identification options for instrumentation and accelerometer cables.

Kemo offer a unique coloured identification system which can be combined for higher channel count solutions, this makes channel identification quick, simple and highly visual, reducing the risk of errors.

The coloured system can be supported with numbers and/or X, Y, Z if you want to identify directional axes information for use with triaxial accelerometers. – DOWNLOAD DETAILS

News from Kemo Ltd -

Low Noise Sensor Cable Range

Kemo Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of cable assemblies for sensor and instrumentation applications.

The cables have been developed in association with some of Kemo’s key customers to overcome issues with poor quality cables from other suppliers which have caused noise issues in measurement systems, particularly when using charge output sensors and other devices such as piezoelectric accelerometers.

Download the Full Release – DOWNLOAD

News from Nissan Motors

Nissan unveils EV36Zero….

a £1bn Electric Vehicle (EV) Hub to accelerate the journey to carbon neutrality.

Centred around the record-breaking plant in Sunderland, UK, Nissan EV36Zero will supercharge the company’s drive to carbon neutrality and establish a new 360-degree solution for zero-emission motoring.

The transformational project has been launched with an initial £1bn investment by Nissan and its partners Envision AESC, a global player in world-leading battery technology, and Sunderland City Council. Comprised of three interconnected initiatives, Nissan EV36Zero brings together electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery production, setting a blueprint for the future of the automotive industry.

Download the Full Release – DOWNLOAD

News from Kemo Ltd -

New PRT signal conditioning and filter product launch

Kemo Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the DR PRT, this new product has been developed over the last 2 years in association with partners in the Wind Energy and Power Generation sectors.

The DR PRT is a combination of a precision PRT (Platinum Resistance Thermometer) signal conditioner and a Kemo flat response low pass filter, housed in an industrial DIN rail mount package for easy industrial installation.

The DR PRT product has been developed to overcome issues found in generators which have integral PRT temperature sensors in their generating coils, these can be subject to a strong magnetic field as the machinery rotates. This powerful varying field can cause a spurious reading on the PRT sensors, which in turn can cause aliasing problems with SCADA systems.

Download the Full Release – DOWNLOAD

Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5 Cars

First 5 Goldfinger DB5 Continuation Cars completed

The first 5 of 25 Goldfinger DB5 continuation cars were completed recently, rolling off the production line in Newport Pagnell, UK. Each car represents over 4500 hours and almost every part is bespoke. With many working ‘toys’ featured in the Goldfinger film these must be the ultimate Bond fan’s toy, the 4litre inline 6 engine provides 290bhp to the rear wheels. Watch the amazing video to see the details

Video on Youtube from Aston Martin – Video

News from DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd -

DJB Instruments UK Ltd Launches New A/123/B Accelerometer

DJB Instruments UK Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of a new accelerometer in their ever expanding range of Konic Shear® based monoaxial Piezotronic IEPE accelerometers.

Available now, the A/123/B is a small, lightweight monoaxial accelerometer developed for use in a wide range of applications but offering the user the flexibility of adhesive mounting on 5 of its 6 faces. Based on the proven A/123 Konic Shear® design the A/123/B measures 10mm cubed and weighs in at just 4.8grams, making it transparent to many structural test applications.

Download the Full Release – DOWNLOAD

News from Centrateq Ltd -

Updated CentraTEQ Website Launched!

On October 7th 2020 CentraTEQ launched a new and improved website. It will be continually updated with information about products and services, as well as news from the company and staff.

The website features pages for the product ranges offered by CentraTEQ from each of our partners. These pages provide insight into the products as well as links to the suppliers from which these products are sourced.

Visit the new website at

News from Data Physics Corporation -

Meet the Data Physics 900 Series All-In-One Analyzer and Controller

Easy to Use. Versatile. Powerful.

It’s a Dynamic Signal Analyzer. It’s a Vibration Controller. And if you need a single tool that does it all, it’s both. You can even use the 900 Series to capture live data in the field, perform your analysis, and then control shakers in the laboratory for the ultimate streamlined vibration test workflow!

Further details here – 900 series


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