Multiple Wind Turbines in the Ocean
Modal Analysis on a car door at Jaguar's test facility
Boeing 737 Rollfeld on runway
Modal testing at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre on the Orion Ground Test Vehicle

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

8435 Progress Drive, Frederick MD 21701 USA Work Phone: +1 301 330 8811 Website:

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Wilcoxon offers a variety of vibration generators, support equipment, and sensors for test and measurement applications, including modal analysis, structural monitoring, laboratory testing, and seismic sensing.

Shakers – Piezoelectric and electromagnetic shakers allow engineers and test technicians to better predict structural behavior over time. Wilcoxon’s shakers provide reliable structural excitation of a test article within a controlled, localized environment, simulating dynamic forces and natural frequencies to reveal cracks, defects, weaknesses or other abnormalities.

Accelerometers – Test & Measurement accelerometers, with more expansive specifications than general purpose accelerometers – such as larger acceleration ranges or broader frequency responses – are engineered for use in rigorous testing environments.

Seismic sensors – Wilcoxon’s seismic accelerometers combine a supersensitive piezoelectric accelerometer, an ultra-low-noise amplifier, and excellent electrical/mechanical isolation for unmatched performance in measuring low-level vibration.

See Wilcoxon’s comprehensive line of Test & Measurement products.

Categories: Condition Monitoring, Sensors, Shaker and Amplifiers

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