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Sigma range of HALT HASS chambers with fast rates of temperature change up to 80°C/min, interfaced with multi axis random vibration tables or electrodynamic shakers.
Six available sizes plus specials, featuring vibration tables with 6 DoF providing broadband random acceleration 5Hz to 10,000Hz of up to 100Grms measured on the table surface as an average of X, Y, Z axes. Up to 90% of the vibration energy is in the 5Hz-4,000Hz bandwidth for maximum low frequency energy.
Sigma chambers are usually supplied with liquid Nitrogen cooling but can also be mechanically cooled for slower cooling rates of change around 25°C/min, or a combination of both for maximum versatility.
All products are fully CE marked and manufactured to ISO9001:2008 quality procedures and can be supplied and supported worldwide.

Categories: Battery Testing, Climatic Chambers

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