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RULA Technologies SIA

Work Balta iela 7, Riga LV-1055 Latvia Work Phone: +371 6610 2166 Website:

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RULA Technologies is leading-edge manufacturer of vibration controllers and data acquisition systems and a reliable partner in the field of vibration testing and measurement.

RULA Technologies headquarters in Riga, Latvia. The company offers 9 products for testing and analysis: vibration controllers, portable data acquisition systems, power amplifiers, as well as powerful vibration testing and signal analysis software.

Ordering RULA products gets you:

  • High-quality hardware and software for a moderate price
  • Maintenance and installation services
  • Free education
  • Short lead time and agile support
  • Flexible warranty
  • Free software updates

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RULA Technologies offer you:

More specifics:

  • RL-C21: vibration control and data acquisition system with a modular scalable architecture. Features simultaneous control of up to 8 shakers at a frequency of 0.1÷35 kHz, an LCD screen, and calibration functionality.
  • RL-C21M: vibration control and data acquisition system with extended frequency range: DC ÷ 80000 Hz and voltage measurement range up to 40 V, direct current and voltage measurement, temperature and thermocouple connection. The device has 8 channels in one hardware unit and can be scaled up to 64 input and 16 output channels.
  • RL-C25: highly-accurate vibration control and data acquisition system designed for multichannel applications. Scalable architecture — up to 512 channels in a synchronized data acquisition set. Frequency range: DC, 0.1÷106000 Hz.
  • RL-R19 enables the user to: acquire and transfer data from vibration sensors; examine the vibration condition of machines, mechanisms, mechanical constructions, bearings, gearings etc. detect various; defects of machines, mechanisms, mechanical constructions, bearings, gearings etc.; balance rotors of machines and mechanisms.
  • RL-R17: battery-powered portable vibration and shock recorder. The device has an embedded 3-axial accelerometer and a high-accuracy temperature sensor. It has a reliable aluminum case, a wide temperature range and is rated IP65 splash & dust resistant.
  • RL-A200RL-A500, RL-A1000 Easy-to-use class-D power amplifier designed to work with electro-dynamic shakers in the lab or in production. The nominal output power of the amplifier can be 200 VA, 500 VA and 1200 VA.
  • RL-S039 Universal four-channel amplifier & power supply unit for strain measurement sensors with configurable gain and excitation voltage. It allows the user to connect strain-gauge sensors to any data acquisition and vibration control systems. Every channel is equipped with a noise filter, and the amplifier provides programmable bridge offset nulling and shunt calibration.
  • VisProbe SL — vibration control software supporting a full spectrum of tests. The graphic subsystem of VisProbe SL contains a convenient contextual menu, provides displaying several graphs in one window, autoscale option, unlimited number of user cursors, additional grid lines, textual notes. Each software option in VisProbe SL can be activated independently of the others to meet the user’s requirements.
  • VisAnalyser It is a powerful program complex intended to record and analyze signals of different dynamic processes. The sources of signals can be different: the data can come from DAQ devices in real-time or from a recorded file. It is possible to analyze the data acquired with RULA devices or imported from other acquisition systems.
  • Transducer Calibration Transducer calibration procedure is necessary to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sensors in the course of your tests. The software provides traceable back-to-back calibration of vibration sensors according to ISO 16063-21. The program module has advanced technical capabilities: User-defined sine excitation, Random signal excitation, Calibration by substitution method, Triaxial measurements in one protocol.

Other maintenance services from RULA Technologies:

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