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Modal testing at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre on the Orion Ground Test Vehicle

Data Physics (UK) Ltd

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Data Physics Corporation is part of the NVT Group which provides a wide range of testing equipment.

The Data Physics range offers a wide range of electrodynamic shaker, amplifiers, fixtures and associated equipment, with manufacturing facilities in the USA and the UK their range is extensive and provides users with options to test everything from a circuit board to an entire satellite. With the full range of closed loop vibration control for single and multi axis solutions, Data Physics can offer a turnkey solution for all.

The Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyser range uses the flexible and advanced SignalCalc software as the core processing application family, common across all systems.
The range includes:

> SignalCalc ACE which now runs on the new 2 to 4 channel Quattro USB2.0 powered platform
> SignalCalc Mobilyzer which runs on the flexible Abacus DSPcentric platform for the popular 4 to 32 channel system requirements
> SignalCalc Savant which runs on multiple synchronised Abacus DSPcentric systems for high specification analysis up to more than 1000 channels.

All systems offer the highest dynamic range, typically 130+dB and analysis ranges up to 94kHz. The Abacus based systems feature an embedded CPU and local hard disk. Data is available for review to anyone with network access. Systems with the throughput to disc feature can transfer data continuously to disk at the highest sample rate with all channels enabled.

Categories: Data Acquisition, Multi Axis Vibration, Service and Maintenance, Shaker and Amplifiers, Vibration Analysers, Vibration Controllers

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